My prediction: Unicaja will storm past Tenerife in the Final!

The best Cup tournament in Europe, Copa del Rey will end today and the final is a surprise for all basketball lovers because it will oppose two teams that were considered true underdogs.

In my opinion, Unicaja Malaga will win the Spanish Cup because:

  • If they eliminated Barca and Real Madrid, they could not be stopped by Tenerife. Unicaja is the only team that beats both Barca and Madrid in the same Cup in Spanish history.
  • Unicaja invested a lot of money to create this amazing roster and they had big ambitions since the beginning of the summer. This season is special for them and only participating in the Final of the Cup won’t be enough. Their roster is superior to Tenerife’s and more complete, and more physical.
  • I am sure Tenerife will be more tired today than Unicaja because they have more veterans like Huertas, Shermadini, and Doornekamp and they won’t recover as well as Unicaja’s players. 3 games in 3 consecutive days could be too much for Lenovo Tenerife, while Malaga has a younger roster, and better rotation and they had one day to rest before the semifinals.
  • Tenerife reached the final after meeting Gran Canaria and Joventut Badalona, probably the weakest opponents they could have in this Cup. They won the semifinal against Badalona because of the bad game of the hosts, not because Tenerife played extraordinarily. In the second part of the encounter, Joventut scored only 28 points, losing many chances to steal the win. They ended with one of the lowest percentages ever at 2 pointers, 26%. Definitely, it was not a Tenerife win, but more a Joventut Badalona’s loss of focus.

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: Basketball Champions League