Umana Venezia broke Cremona’s home-court advantage in spite of the refs

In the Italian semifinals, Umana Venezia showed once again their high level.  They won yesterday the 1st game of the series at Vanoli Cremona in spite of the important absence of Paul Biligha and even more important against the referees who backed Meo Sachetti’s team, as they did the whole championship.

The fouls committed and free-throws statistics reflects very well the unbalanced treatment for both teams. Umana Venezia committed 24 fouls and had only 5 free-throws the whole game, while Vanoli Cremona had 15 fouls and beneficiated by 21 free-throws. But even so, the quality of the roster and the largest bench of the visitors were the decisive factors in this encounter.

From this point, Venezia is the clear favourite to enter the Legabasket finals, if nothing strange will happen. I mean injuries or the referees intruding the next games. Vanoli Cremona won already the Italian Cup this season and I think even that trophy was much more than they deserved with an absolutely average roster.

Gratian Cormos,