Unics Kazan to hammer Enisey Krasnoyarsk

With almost all the leagues suspended in European basketball, all the attention will be on VTB League, which is offering this week some attractive games. I choose to analyze here the game between Unics Kazan and Enisey Krasnoyarsk because I think that the host team will take revenge for the loss suffered away a couple of months ago. I see Unics Kazan able to win with at least 6-8 points margin because:

  • They have played 2 games less than Lokomotiv Kuban and they can reach the 3rd spot of the VTB League if they win the next games including the direct match against Loko.
  • Enisey Krasnoyarsk was destroyed at home in the last 2 games by Astana (64-78) and Zenit Sankt-Petersburg (67-84) and they have 2 key-players missings: Tomislav Zubcic and Chavaughn Lewis. Their absence will be very important against Unics Kazan who has one of the largest rosters in Europe. Now, Enisey Krasnoyarsk can rely only on the Russian core of the team plus Garlon Green, Dustin Hogue and Nikola Rebic as foreigners.
  • Unics Kazan is a Eurocup powerhouse, while Enisey was not able to qualify in the quarterfinals of the Fiba Europe Cup. The difference between the 2 teams is huge at any level (money, players, goals for this season).
  • This is the best moment for Unics Kazan to show their toughness in the domestic league because the Eurocup is suspended so they can focus better on VTB League. Now they don’t have to make large travel all over Europe to compete in two competitions in the same time. Normally, Unics Kazan would have saved some energy for the upcoming Eurocup games, but now they don’t have this excuse, with the European competition postponed at least a couple of weeks. Unics have to beat easily the visitors with a double-digit margin if their motivation will reach a decent level.

Photo: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos