An easy game for FC Barcelona on the way to the ACB Finals

San Pablo Burgos is the revelation team of the year in the Spanish League. When the season stopped because of the Covid-19 outbreak, Burgos occupied the 10th place in Liga ACB, fighting for a playoff spot which would have been a great achievement for a club promoted from the 2nd league a couple of years ago. Now they are playing the semifinals, while Real Madrid, Andorra, Gran Canaria, Zaragoza and other teams are eliminated. It’s an amazing season for Burgos and it’s much more than everyone expected from them at the beginning. A brave and hard-working team, full of experienced players but, unfortunately for them, this will be the last game because they don’t have many chances against  FC Barcelona.

The Catalan team will win easily the semifinals for many reasons:

  • They have rested many players in the last round of the group against Iberostar Tenerife because they didn’t need the win. Barca has a large roster, 15 talented players and this rotation will count a lot in these last 2 games because they will be in better shape than the opponents.
  • San Pablo Burgos played their last game on 26 June and they fought till the last minute tuning around the tables and winning their semifinals spot with 88-86. This game consumed a lot of energy, while Barca played in 25 June, having like a friendship game vs. Tenerife.
  • Barca has much more experienced players than Burgos, including the recent MVP of the season, Nikola Mirotic. They are on the way for the title and today’s opponents cannot deny them the entering in the Finals. The rosters and the expectations of both teams cannot be compared.
  • Reaching the semifinals is more than enough for San Pablo Burgos. This doesn’t mean they won’t fight, but a loss in front of the Euroleague powerhouse won’t be a tragic situation.

Image: Euroleague

Angel Jimenez