An excellent idea for the European clubs: create and sell face masks with team logo

The NBA has moved once again very quickly in the marketing area working already to create masks with their own logo and with the teams’ logos as well. It is a bright idea. According to Clutchpoints:

“The NBA and WNBA will partner with clothing brand Fanatics to produce cloth face coverings with team logos to help communities that have been impacted by the coronavirus, per Ben Pickman of Sports Illustrated. These team-branded cloth masks will be listed on and All the proceeds from sales will benefit Feeding America in the United States and Second Harvest in Canada”

This excellent initiative has to create an impulse all over the world and I am thinking first of all of Europe. The Euroleague, Basketball Champions League, domestic leagues and all the clubs should start to create masks with their own logos. The time is now. Instead of doing nothing, the basketball organizations from Europe have to learn from this example that combines marketing and humanitarian help.

The idea of creating masks with your logo and sell it to the fans will help to strengthen the link between the clubs and the basketball community. I am sure there will be a lot of people who will buy face masks with all the clubs. First, because everybody will need those masks to go in public the next months and second because they will prefer something personalized, instead of simple masks bought from the street corner pharmacy.

Of course, the masks have to be adapted to respect the medical conditions, to be effective against spreading the virus, but if the Americans did it, the European basketball organizations can do it as well. The costs to produce them are minimal and the effect is strong boosting the club image inside the basketball community. The idea of making profit has to be secondary and the clubs can donate that profit from selling the masks to some NGO’s.

Photo: Clutchpoints

Gratian Cormos