Andorra scored only 2 points in the second quarter against Real Madrid

An unbelievable “record” for MoraBanc Andorra who managed to have a disastrous first half in Madrid, where they faced Real. After a poor first quarter when the visitors scored only 12 points, the second stanza was the top of the ridiculous basketball. Only 2 points scored in 10 minutes by a Eurocup team that is qualified for the Top16 of the competition.

At the halftime of the encounter, the score looked so unreal: 50-14 for the host team. But to bet at live it was the perfect moment because it was obvious that MoraBanc Andorra will try to cut the deficit in the second part of the game. The best options to bet at the halftime were:

  • Andorra to score over 19.5 points in the third quarter
  • The handicap  + 35.5 on Andorra was also very good to be taken
  • Total points scored by the visiting team over 53.5 (Andorra had to score at least 40 points in the second half)

The game ended with a clear victory of Real Madrid but the huge margin decreased a bit in the second part of the game because Real Madrid slowed down a bit the engine, having no interest to smash the visitors with 50 points. Instead of this, they rotated more giving more minutes to their bench players. On the other side, MoraBanc Andorra had to improve their play. The first half was so embarrassing that couldn’t be repeated after the break.

Another argument was that Real Madrid was coming as well after a double round in the Euroleague, playing the 3rd game in 6 days. The huge margin was already unexpected at the halftime and continuing on the same path was unlikely to happen. Andorra had the whole roster available and they are a team with many offensive weapons at the disposal. Scoring much more in the second half was their only option.


Gratian Cormos