An excellent season for the Italian Eurocup participants so far

Last season, at the end of the group stage of the Eurocup we published an article speaking about the embarrassing situation of the Italian clubs involved in that competition. Fiat Torino was a disaster, losing all their 10 games in the group, while Dolomiti Energia Trento and Germani Leonessa Brescia were missing the Top16 participation after showing a very poor basketball. So, it was no Italian team reaching out of the group phase last Eurocup season.

This year, the signs of improvement of Italian participation in this competition could be seen from summer, when Virtus Segafredo Bologna decided to come in. They are the reigning champions of the BasketballCL, but they changed their minds, preferring this season the Eurocup participation, that can bring them a Euroleague spot next year.

From the start of the season, Virtus Bologna was seen as the main title contender in Eurocup and till now, I can say that this image is right. They won the group A and they advanced in the group E of the Top16, together with Dolomiti Energia Trento, another Italian team qualified.

Surprisingly, Reyer Umana Venezia, a newcomer who changed as well the Basketball Champions League participation for the Eurocup has won the group B. In the next phase of the European competition, they will meet in group F, the fourth Italian team qualified to the Top16, Germani Leonessa Brescia, who had an excellent season too, winning the second place in group C.

Not only that the Italian presence in the Top16 of the Eurocup has changed dramatically from 0 teams to 4 compared with last season, but also the MVP of the regular season goes to the Euroleague legend, Milos Teodosic. He is leading Virtus Segafredo Bologna to amazing results this season not only in Eurocup but as well in Italy, where his squad is occupying the top of the rankings.

Photo: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos