Aris – in the same difficult situation like PAOK

Aris – in the same difficult situation like PAOK

Yesterday I wrote about PAOK Thessaloniki situation, a BasketballCL team that didn’t make any transfer this summer because of the money shortage. Almost the same thing is happening with the other Greek club from Thessaloniki. The rivals of PAOK for the supremacy in the port city of Greece are poor as well this season.

Aris parted ways with all their foreigners (Lucky Jones, Gary McGhee, Ramon Harris, Gary Bell and Michale Kyser)  keeping only some of their Greek players. The only additions of the summer till now are the power forward Milan Milosevic and the Greek point guard Lefteris Bochoridis. It’s the end of August and if nothing will change, the presence of Aris in the Greek league will be a joke as well like PAOK’s one. Their rosters are at the level of the 2nd league right now. Let’s hope they will find some sponsors and this dramatic situation will find a remedy

It’s a pity to see that a big and important city in European basketball like Thessaloniki is not able at the moment due to the financial crisis to maintain the long tradition of these two rivals, Aris and PAOK, former glorious clubs of Greece.

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Gratian Cormos