Bamberg made huge mistakes in the last minutes against Vechta

After leading the whole game, Brose Bamberg collapsed in the most embarrassing way at the end of the game. With 6 minutes and 24 seconds remaining the host team was 12 points ahead in what looks like an easy victory. That was exactly the moment when they start to relax prematurely and to allow Rasta Vechta to score easily.

It had to be an easy game for Brose Bamberg because they didn’t need to rest for the next BasketballCL round, where they will face at home the weak team of VEF Riga. Vechta instead has a very difficult encounter at Bandirma, a team they fight directly to reach out from BasketballCL group stage. If Vechta will lose in Turkey their chances to qualify for the European competition’s playoffs will complicate a lot in that group. This was an additional reason to make Bamberg the clear favourite in yesterday’s battle.

But even more, Bamberg had as well luck, because, during the first part of the game, the key-player of Vechta, Jordan Davis injured himself and he couldn’t continue the game, playing only 7 minutes. He was averaging more than 13 ppg so it was an important loss for the visitors.

But against all odds, Vechta played their chances in the last minutes and Bamberg had the most idiotic answers to stop them. With 2 minutes remaining and a 6 points lead, Bamberg didn’t defend the 3 point line, allowing Vechat to score. But the same thing happened 1 minute later, at 81-77 when with 45 seconds remaining, Brose received another 3 pointer from Trevis Simpson. At this moment of the game, the hosts had to defend ONLY the shots from the arc, allowing better a 2 point opportunity or sending the opponents at the free-throw line!

And again with 19 seconds remaining another 3 pointer from the same Simpson to tie Bamberg at 83! And then a huge mistake at outbound the ball and Vechta had the possession. They failed the shot and Bamberg made 2 free throws and then in the last 3 seconds they made their last stupid mistake: a foul (completing the and-one) against their nightmare, Trevis Simpson who seal the victory for Vechta – 86-85!

An unbelievable result, taking into consideration all the factors involved but the best prof that Brose Bamberg is playing without any discipline and minimal understanding of the basketball game. They are losing also the games impossible to lose!

Photo: Basketball Champions League

Gratian Cormos