Betting tips: Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia to win against Pesaro in friendly

Today in La Spezia, Reggio Emilia will face Pesaro on the first day of the friendly tournament. The winner will meet one of the other 2 teams involved in this competition, Fortitudo Bologna and Pistoia. I am going with Reggio Emilia’s victory because:

  1. a couple of days ago they won in overtime with 87-85 another friendly game against Pesaro, but now Reggio Emilia have a better chance because Israeli guard Gal Mekel has joined the team and will play today. In the last game he has just arrived and he was rested. Mekel is a very experienced player, with Euroleague presences and he can count a lot in this game, providing a much better rotation for Reggio Emilia
  2. the team of Maurizio Buscaglia is superior both on the foreigner and local players’ quality. They have more good Italians (Simone Fontecchio, Peppe Poeta, Leonardo Candi) than Pesaro, who can rely almost only on Federico Mussini on this chapter.

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Gratian Cormos