France to win against Argentina at the FIBA World Cup

France to win against Argentina at the FIBA World Cup

For the second semifinals of the World Cup, I pick without a doubt team FRANCE to win the battle against Argentina. The South American team impressed a lot in this tournament, they arrived at the top but their trip will stop here, at this stage. They are a brave team, a motivated group but I don’t see them winning against France because:

  1. France has a more solid roster, from the 5 starters and continuing with all their bench players. Rudy Gobert, the best defensive player in the NBA, Evan Fournier, Nicolas Batum, Nando de Colo and so on cannot give up in front of the retired 39 years old Luis Scola and 4 decent players from the Euroleague. This is a reality!
  2. I see France as a much more mature squad than the enthusiastic Argentina, who definitely will fight to match the level of the Les Bleus, but the experience will make the difference in this encounter. As Evan Fournier stated: “If we lose the next one, we go back to Paris like suckers”, so I expect the French team to fight for every possession.
  3. The rotation for Argentina is not so deep like the French one and this will be a big problem.

I don’t want to pick a handicap for this game, but all I know is France will enter the Fiba World Cup Finals because they deserve it, not only because they ended up with the USA, but because they have the most complete roster of the tournament.

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Gratian Cormos