Betting tips: Reggio Emilia – Pesaro

I think Reggio Emilia will have no problems against Pesaro, since they beat much stronger Umana Venezia last week. Here are the reasons for my choice:

  1. Reggio Emilia is a strong home team and they had enough time last weeks to integrate the new acquisitions, K.C. Rivers, Bryon Allen and Pablo Aquilar, players who can make a difference
  2. Pesaro has one shortest rotation in Legabasket, just 5 foreigners to start the game and then just 2 decent Italian bench players
  3. Reggiana is hungry about the victories and they have to make a lot of good games hoping for the playoff. If they don’t win at home against normal teams like Pesaro, what chances they have against strong teams?

I recommend you to bet from simple victory of Reggio to – 4,5 handicap on them.

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