Betting tips: Trento to win at Pesaro

In spite of the huge odd, I take Dolomiti Energia Trento to win at Victoria Libertas Pesaro because:

  1. Diego Flaccadori and Davide Pascolo, important players for the Trento rotation will be back in the roster for this game
  2. Trento is a strong team, they brought back as well Aaron Craft, who together with Joao Gomes, Andres Forray, and Dustin Hogue was part of the core of the team during the last seasons when they had very good results
  3. The Eurocup qualifiers are finished for Trento and they will concentrate now 101% for the Italian championship. Trento has a bad position and they will fight desperately to qualify for the Italian Cup and for the playoff
  4. Pesaro is a good team by now, but they have a short rotation. They won’t resist in front of the larger rotation of the visitors.
  5. The teams’ position in the Legabasket ranking is not true for their real value. I expect that Trento will go up and Pesaro a bit down.

Gratian Cormos,

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