Bilbao made a disastrous game at Real Madrid

I have to admit that I was very surprised by the poor result made by Bilbao Basket in Madrid. There are no excuses for this bad loss. Real Madrid was coming after the tough game played 2 days before in Munich, where Bayern almost stole the win against them. Los Blancos had to be tired after the trip and Bilbao could profit from that situation. Let’s say the Basque team couldn’t win but at least to make a decent game losing by less than 10 points.

Bilbao has rested the whole week, having time to prepare for this encounter, while Real Madrid has only one day to recover from the Euroleague battle. Then how to score only 61 points while receiving almost a hundred (95 points)?

I know Bilbao Basket has no big budget this season, but still, they have a decent roster, a good mix between experience and youth, so I expected another approach from them. At least we all expected motivation when you play against a tired Real Madrid. Instead of this the poorest offense and defense ever, receiving 15 shots from the arc, while not being able to score almost nothing. This game was simply pathetic, Bilbao was looking like a poor team from Fiba Europe Cup, not a Liga ACB team. I don’t know many teams in Europe that can lose in such a ridiculous way.

I remember 2 years ago Bilbao Basket came from the second league into the first one and beat in the same season once Real Madrid and once Barcelona. What happened with that winning spirit?

Image credit: EuroLeague

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