Brescia should have a great season in Eurocup

Last season, Germani Brescia ended not so well, being eliminated by Dinamo Sassari in the first round of the playoffs. That situation motivated the club to invest more money in the roster and they have made some important changes. The team will play in the upcoming season also in Eurocup, where they have a good chance to reach higher stages.

The big advantage of Brescia is that they kept the core of the last season made by Italians and American players such as Kenny Gabriel, Amedeo Della Valle, Mike Cobbins, John Petrucelli, Tommaso Laquintana and the veterans Davis Moss (38 years old) and Christian Burns (36). Then, the club added three great import players C J Massimburg, Troy Caupain and Tai Odiase and two home-grown players, Nikola Akele and David Cournooh.

The club ended the contracts with Nazareth Mitrou-Long, Lee Moore and Salvatore Parillo, but with such a wonderful acquisition campaign, those absences will be soon forgotten.

Actually, now Brescia’s roster is more complete than last season with many options on position. The Italian squad could win many games in Eurocup because not many teams engaged in the competition have this deep rotation and the level is quite homogeneous.

In Legabasket, if the chemistry will work, Germani Brescia could hope to the 3rd place at the end of the regular season after Olimpia Armani Milano and Virtus Bologna. They have all the chances to reach it after such a big investment. Rumours are placing Brescia with the 3rd budget in Italy.

Image credit: Germani Brescia Leonessa

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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