Against all odds, London Lions could be title contender in Eurocup

London Lions is one of the most active teams on the summer market and they are building a very interesting roster. They changed the face of the team that last year fought to get into the Basketball Champions League and were smashed by a huge margin by the Italian side, Treviso. Then, London Lions continued to play in Fiba Europe Cup reaching the second stage and that was all. A bit of pity for a huge city like London to have such poor results in basketball.

This season things will change a lot and the Lions will start to be true lions. The squad will play in the Eurocup and they made some big investments. They brought in at least 10  experienced players, between them the ex-NBA Greek center Kostas Koufos and Sam Dekker. The rotation is one of the largest in the Eurocup including other important names like Tarik Philip, Aaron Best, Tomislav Zubcic, Vojtech Hruban, Ovie Soko, Luke Nelson and so on.

In spite of their huge odds to win the Eurocup (some bookmakers gave them 51, others 45), I think they have a good chance to lift the trophy. The Lions’ advantages: a good bench, a perfect age average (28 years old) and the desire of the Euroleague to expand in the future to major cities such as London and Paris.

I am sure this team will play with energy and they will reach the final stages of the competition if the chemistry will be built since the first games.

Image: FIBA

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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