European players in NBA top 50 by index rate

European players in NBA top 50 by index rate

After all the discussions about who is the best player, which will always be a subjective matter, we have stats. I trust them because they are more objective than personal impressions. At the end of the game, the index rate will say anything about your presence on the court. We will review here the European players and their spot in the NBA top 50 on this category of index rate per game:

48. The Italian Danilo Gallinari averages 19.75 index rate in 30.5 minutes per game

42. Willy Hernangomez (Spain) has very good numbers: 20.39 efficiency value in just 13.7 minutes per game

26. Enes Kanter (Turkey) averages 22.25 index rate in 25.3 minutes spent on the court

21. Domantas Sabonis (Lithuania), the son of legendary Arvydas Sabonis is having a great season with 22.94 index rate in 24.9 minutes per game

20. The Bosnian Jusuf Nurkic breaks into the top 20 with 23.30 index rate in 27.3 minutes on the court

18. Clint Capela (Switzerland) has 23.75 efficiency value in 34 minutes per game

16. The record of index rate versus the minutes spent on the court belongs to Boban Marjanovic (Serbia) who averages 24.38 index rate in just 11.5 minutes per game

15. Another European center, Rudy Gobert (France) has a better index rate: 24.44 but in 31.8 minutes spent on the court

12. Another Lithuanian, Jonas Valanciunas has impressive stats in fewer minutes: 25.13 index rate in 19.5 minutes per game

5. Nikola Vucevic (Montenegro) is averaging 25. 93 efficiency value in 31 minutes on the court

4. The other Serbian big guy Nikola Jokic has 26.88 index rate in 31.5 minutes per game

2. Almost the king of this category is the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo with 30.41 index rate in 33.2 minutes spent on the court

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