After the win against Armani Milano, Germani Brescia Leonessa has the morale to the sky. They will face tomorrow in Eurocup Top16 Oldenburg and I think the host team has a big chance to secure the win because:

  • Brescia added new important players to their roster during the last weeks and this is the best sign of their wish to improve and to reach out from the group entering the Eurocup playoffs. Between the new signings are Travis Trice and Ojars Silins, who completed the roster already large enough to face any team in Europe.
  • Ewe Baskets Oldenburg is a decent team with good results this season, occupying the 4th place in the domestic league of Germany. In the same time, they have reached the German Cup finals, to be played against Alba Berlin on 20 of February. But they have some key-players injured, like Nathan Boothe and Gerry Blakes, who can make the difference in many games. In their absence, Oldenburg is not in their best formula, even if they try to play a smart ball movement.
  • the Italian squad has a big advantage because of quality local players they have. Luca Vitali, Awudu Abass, Brian Sachetti, Andrea Zerini and Tommaso Laquintana can come up with big numbers anytime for Brescia. Their huge contribution is giving to the host team a larger rotation in front of average teams like is Oldenburg right now –  a decent team, but average!
  • last season, Brescia had a short and disappointing presence in the Eurocup and that was a big motivation for the club to improve. They invested more, bringing in more stronger players and they can aim to the playoff of the European competition, especially in this balanced group where there are no big names and the home-games can be won easier.

Photo: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos