I trusted Fortitudo to win at Napoli

Yesterday, I recommended on my private Telegram channel with basketball betting tips to choose Fortitudo Bologna over Gevi Napoli. My decision came live when I saw that the host team has two important missings: the Lithuanian Arnas Velicka and the Italian Andrea Zerini. In these circumstances, Fortitudo Bologna was in my opinion the clear favourite and the final score didn’t reflect maybe the reality on the court. The truth is Fortitudo led with enough points in the last minutes but Napoli, an ambitious club tried to come back with 3 pointers. 

Another important reason for my choice on Fortitudo Bologna to win was that the visitors have signed Branden Frazier and they could align 6 foreigners for the encounter, even if James Feldeine was out. Their home-grown players are also very good, starting with Pietro Aradori who scored 20 points and continuing with Leonardo Tote with 16 points and Gabriele Procida ending with 12.

Fortitudo Bologna had a deeper rotation than Gevi Napoli and they seized the opportunity to win. It was a must if they want to hope for a playoff spot where the battle is so intense. Fortitudo struggled with a lot of changes and they succeeded to rebuild the squad during the last months in order to improve their results. Fortitudo Bologna is a big club in Europe and I am sure they are aiming for more in the years to come. 

Image credit: Fortitudo Bologna Facebook

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