Lakers – Portland revealed once again betting opportunities

In the NBA series, anything can happen because it’s the tightest competition in the world and any team has a couple of good players. There are some important lessons to be learned for the bettors after each game and this was the situation in the first 2 games between Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers.

The first rule: never bet on small odds on the favourite especially in game one. Never took 1,35 on Lakers as a good odd just because they finished first in the Conference and many NBA specialists considered them the main favourite. Any team can lose a game one. There is no need for them to the win specifically this encounter. That’s why we have a series of 7 games. So big teams can start bad and there is no problem.

On the other side for the underdog, the golden opportunity is to start the series with a win which will grow a bit their chance. They will fight like hell to win game 1. And this is what Portland did. So if you want to bet the first encounter of the NBA series, do it only on the underdog at a huge odd, maybe during the game, choosing a moment when they are down by many points. That odd won’t be true and that’s why is worthy to take it – that’s the 2nd rule. Remember: game 1 is providing many surprises in any league. Many finals start with 1-0 for the underrated team and then the favourite smashes them in 5 games with 4-1.

The 3rd rule: after losing the first encounter a huge team like the Los Angeles Lakers will try to come back in style, not just to win the next game. So, a 5 to 10 points handicap could be taken in favour of them in the second game of the series, instead of betting on the small odd for their victory (1.36), which definitely was not worthy. They prove it having 30 points advantage before the last stanza and winning the game with 111-88!

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Gratian Cormos

Image: Entertainment OverDose