Mirotic last play was a clear technical foul

First of all, a couple of words about the game. FC Barcelona’s loss doesn’t mean anything. The level of the teams in Euroleague is very tied and we all know that Maccabi Tel Aviv is a very oscillating squad: they can lose by 20 with a mediocre team and the next game fighting in a brave style to upset the favourite. But they have great players able to beat any team.

Regarding the Mirotic play, it was a clear technical foul in those circumstances even if you like it or not. Even if you are Maccabi, Barca or Madrid fan you have to admit it. Even if you don’t like the referees and you don’t think they are innocent.

Let me remember the facts. Nikola Mirotic was warned by the refs to not step on the line, allowing the pass of Maccabi’s player. Nikola didn’t fail by mistake. He is a clever guy. He was there exactly for this: to try to bother the passer provoking a turnover. Stepping on the line, Mirotic wanted to reduce the visibility and the angle of the pass cutting the opportunity for the Maccabi’s players to score from the corner.

Another important aspect that we have to take into consideration is the size. If Mirotic would have been a short guy, let’s say a 1.85 m guard, the technical foul probably wouldn’t be given at all. But when a giant is coming in front of you, waving his huge hands and is also stepping intentionally on the line to cut your view is a totally different thing.

Nikola Mirotic tried to defend beyond the legal possibilities offered by the basketball game. The refs didn’t tolerate this and they acted accordingly. Every player knows that. Mirotic too.

Image: EuroLeague

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