My Telegram channel with basketball betting tips

I am Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor living in Barcelona.

I am the author of the book “How to bet on basketball” – you can order it by Whatsapp or by Telegram at my number:

+34 612414486

In 2020 I started my Telegram channel with basketball betting tips. I am focused on basketball games from the major leagues of Europe, including the Euroleague, Eurocup, Basketball Champions League and so on. If you subscribe to my channel, you will have access to all my betting tips, pre-game and live games.

The membership costs of my channel are:

40 /month

65 / 2 months

85 / 3 months

120 / 6 months

160 / 12 months

Feel free to contact me by Whatsapp or Telegram at: +34 612414486