Olimpia Milano is playing the most disappointing basketball in Legabasket

Olimpia Milano is playing the most disappointing basketball in Legabasket

In the game lost yesterday against Happy Casa Brindisi, Olimpia Milano showed all their weaknesses. They played embarrassing, being dominated in the 3rd quarter by the visitors by as many as 18 points. And the opponents were not Los Angeles Lakers, but a team that had only 5 foreigners and a very modest bench composed by Italian role-players. The proof for this is that all 5 players who entered to replace the 5 starters for Brindisi scored together 11 points from a total of 92!!!

The conclusion: the 5 American of Brindisi scored 81 points and all 12 stars of Olimpia Milano only 89 points. The “super MVP” Luis Scola finished with 0 index rate, having 4 fouls and 4 points in 14 minutes on the court.

The difference was made by the chaotic game of the Euroleague powerhouse who ended up with 17 turnovers compared with only 9 made by Brindisi. In fact, it had to be an easy win for Olimpia Milano, because their rotation was superior and Brindisi committed more fouls (21-18), but the reality was different because the host team played with lack of concentration. They treated the encounter as an easy to win game, they didn’t defend the 3 point line where Brindisi took a huge advantage in the first 3 quarters of the game, finishing with 12/25.

Because of their stupid game, Olimpia Milano had only 57 field goal attempts and Brindisi 72, given that at the free-throw the situation was balanced (10/13 for Brindisi and 15/16 for Milano). The possesions of the ball were many times lost by Milano who didn’t arrive at the moment of the shot.

Having 6 foreigners and 6 best Italians in the Legabasket, Olimpia Milano is a total disappointment at the beginning of the season. Their only “brave” result till now is to beat Zalgiris in the Euroleague after a very tied game, decided by the huge mistakes of the “blind” referees who gave the win to Olimpia Milano.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos