Panathianikos had only 5% from the arc against Olympiacos

Yesterday it was a historical day when a new record was set: 1 from 20 from the 3 point line in the Euroleague. The holder? Panathinaikos against their archrival Olympiacos. Nick Calathes was the only one to score from the long-range for the Greens, having 1 from 4, while Tyrese Rice finished with 0 from 9. This poor percentage is the image itself of the disaster from the arc. Why don’t you prepare better you shots? Why don’t you find the open man? At podcasts and statements, we are all good, try to put the ball in the damn basket! In the same time, Olympiacos had almost 43% from the arc, with 9 from 21 shots.

The worse thing was that Panathainikos had much more possessions than Olympiacos in this game lost by only 3 points margin. They shot 66 times, while the Reds only 59 times. And we can add the huge difference at the free-throws given: PAO had 25, while Olympiacos only 13!!!. How is this possible? To have much more possibilities to score than the opponents and to play such a low level in a derby? Against a team, like Olympiacos that have lost their leaders: Vassilis Spanoulis – done for the season and the Serbian giant – Nikola Milutinov. Both were starters the entire season for Olympiacos till they got injuries, so we speak about big absences from the main rotation.

Even more, Olympiacos had new players signed during the last weeks like Dwight Buycks, Octavius Ellis and Shaquielle McKissic and normally they need time to accommodate with their new team. On the other side, PAO had played with the same roster the whole season, only Nikos Pappas was missing, so the chemistry of the Greens had to work at 100%. Olympiacos changed half of their roster since now and they were expected to have problems at this chapter. Strange, isn’t it?

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos