Panathinaikos, change the roster immediately!

This is the best advice that I can give to the Greeks management. Panathinaikos has now one of the most mediocre and without identity roster of the century. Out of Calathes, Pappas and the other Greek players, nobody deserves to be there. From the foreigners maybe I would keep Langford, Thomas and Gist but just to come from the bench for 10-15 minutes per game, giving their lives on the court, running like hell, fighting for every ball.

The game against Olimpia Milano revealed once again how weak is the team, with or without Xavi Pascual. The Spanish coach won the Euroleague with Barcelona when he had the roster to win it (Rubio, Lorbek, Navarro, Mikeal, Ndong and so on). What he can do with this low-level roster of Panathinaikos? These players are good to eventually beat Darussafaka after struggling the whole game!

How could you improve your roster with old Stephane Lasme, who is still good maybe for the Eurocup level? Or with Lekavicius? The acquisition campaign of Panathinaikos it seems like going to the flea market, to put in your bag everything that you find at the cheapest price just to come back with the bag full of things. You buy just because it’s cheap, without think of the quality! If you acquire 10 mediocre players, who will compete against the strongest teams in Europe?

It’s not the players fault, they know they are weak. It’s the stupid idea of bringing them on a Euroleague team that hope to be in the Final 4.

Gratian Cormos,

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