Pinar Karsiyaka to continue their winning streak in Turkey at Bahcesehir

This match will oppose the only 2 teams that are representing Turkey in Fiba Europe Cup, where both have real chances to reach the superior stages of the competition. But in the domestic league, the things are totally different. While Bahcesehir Koleji is at the bottom of the standings with 0 victories after 6 rounds, Pinar Karsiaka is the true leader, undefeated till now of the Turkish league.

The visitors should have no problems winning this game because:

  • Bahcesehir Koleji is actually a very weak team in Turkey. Now they are trying to strengthen their roster with new players but they won’t count in this game, only in the future encounters
  • Pinar Karsiaka has one of the best rosters in Turkey, including a lot of local players, which gives the team a large quality rotation. On the contrary, Bahcesehir has a poor bench.
  • It seems that Pinar Karsiaka has travelled more than Bahcesehir for their Fiba Europe Cup game this week, but it isn’t so. Pinar travelled back from Bruxelles to Istanbul, having a direct flight of around 3 hours, while Bahcesehir is coming from the city of Sibiu, Romania, where the connections are not ideal to reach Turkey. So Bahcesehir lost much more time on their journey back than Pinar Karsiaka did. Actually, even they are the host team, they have to be more tired than the visitors.
  • Pinar Karsiaka can be a title contender this season in Turkey. That’s why they simply cannot cease in front of Bahcesehir because they really need all the victories possible in order to reach a perfect spot before the playoffs, which will guarantee them the home-court advantage. Anyway, Pinar Karsiaka will have a couple of tough games against Fenerbahce, Anadolu Efes, Galatasaray and so on, so they cannot afford to lose easy points right now, against the last team in Turkey.

Photo: Fiba Europe Cup

Gratian Cormos