Reggio Emilia will try their best to defeat Reyer Venezia

This season, Reggio Emilia is back between the good teams of Italy, hoping for a playoff spot. After the last year that was a disaster, now they are aiming for much more, having a good roster and very experienced coach in Maurizio Buscaglia. Every game is counting very much for them because they can reach the Italian Cup if they will be in the first 8 squads after the first half of the season.

There are only 4 encounters remaining till that moment and Reggio Emilia is at only one victory distance from a qualifying spot for the Italian Cup. So, I expect every game to be like a do-or-die for them. Today they will face Reyer Umana Venezia, one of the strongest team of the last seasons in Italy and a Eurocup Top 16 force. It will be a tough clash and nobody could predict a result, especially because Reggiana was a very oscillating team so far this season. They can as well do a great game or they play very poor basketball like they did in some encounters, for example against Trieste. It depends on their momentarily focus and energy.

The host team has many offensive weapons and they can surprise any opponent, but sometimes the “run-and-gun” philosophy didn’t work at the expected capacity. Today, it will be a big test for Reggio Emilia because they will face a very experienced and organized squad. The reigning champions, Reyer Umana Venezia are also down in the rankings of the domestic league and looking for the same thing: a place in the first 8 teams at the half of the season, who will provide them with the participation in the Italian Cup. They are a direct competitor for that spot, so we will see a good fight during the 40 minutes of the encounter. Let the best team win.

Photo: Pallacanestro Reggiana

Gratian Cormos