Sasha Djordjevic, the story of a Serbian coach that became the “prophet” of the French basketball

A couple of days ago in an interview, Sasha Djordjevic, the coach of Virtus Bologna said that the French teams won’t play in Basketball Champions League, next season, because they are searching for quality. Then the president of the French league, Alain Deral came with denial in L’Equipe according to Sportando:

“I think he has always loved to provoke,” Deral said of Djordjevic. “French clubs want to play in the BCL, besides Monaco, which is EuroCup-bound. No club said they don’t want to play in the BCL.”

I am asking how could this Serbian coach fired by Panathinaikos in the past after only a couple of months to even be involved in the discussions about the destiny of the French teams next season? Who is he? A guru, a prophet that knows the future? Could he predict the choices of the basketball clubs in France?

Then another related question came to my mind: Why Basketball Champions League should not be chosen by the French clubs? It is a nice and important competition in Europe, that is growing every season, including many quality teams!

I think Sasha Djordjevic forgot that he was proud to win the 2019 edition of the Basketball Champions League. I was there in Antwerp, at the press conference and I saw him so proud to enter the Finals as he has won 6 NBA rings that day. And now he despises this competition that relaunched his failed basketball career as a coach? Remember that he didn’t have any club to coach for a year and a half before to come to Bologna?

And I remember that the referees helped you, mister Djordjevic, during the BasketballCL playoffs and against Iberostar Tenerife in the Final. Maybe that could be the reason for the French teams not to join the competition next season. Because they will meet teams favoured by the referees like Virtus Bologna in 2019? That season you were happy with Basketball Champions League? When your team eliminated the French clubs, Le Mans and Nanterre ’92 in the playoffs?

Last but not least, what is your interest in French teams? If they will join or not any European competition, is that your business? I thought you were a mediocre Serbian coach trying to make a living from basketball. But are you now the leading figure of the European basketball? What’s next? Will you predict the forecast in the near future? Will you be the first basketball coach on planet Mars? Or what?

Photo: Basketball Champions League

Gratian Cormos