Sergey Karasev is missing Brandon Jennings’ era

Zenit Sankt-Petersburg is one of most the constant team during the last decade. They play a decent basketball, but they never put in danger the trophies. This year they looked like a team who wanted more. They signed NBA superstar Brandon Jennings. But the European adventure finished after a couple of games when the American declared on social media that “he won’t play again in a father-son team”.

Jennings was unhappy because the coach of Zenit, Vasily Karasev gave to much importance to his son Sergey, former NBA player too. After this fight, the American left the team. After a couple of weeks, the coach Karasev was fired also by the Zenit organization.

But what nobody noticed is that Sergey Karasev, the beloved son of Vasily had much better stats sharing the court with his teammate Jennings than now, without him.

In the first round of the Eurocup Top 16 this week at Unics Kazan, Sergey Karasev finished with 0 points, 0 rebounds, 4 fouls and -6 index rate in 22 minutes of basketball. If we compare this with the 1st Eurocup game against Turk Telekom, we will see that Jenning scored 20 points and Sergey Karasev 17! Then, when Zenit have smashed Valencia, Karasev scored 26 points in just 20 minutes and the American player just recovered from injury – 11 points in 32 minutes! I really think that Jennings presence on the floor made the things easier for the Karasev father and son! So, I guess they are missing the NBA star!

Gratian Cormos,

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