Steph Curry, the last man standing

Steph Curry, the last man standing

This summer changed the face of the NBA. For almost two months we have witnessed one of the most promising young players, Zion Williamson, being drafted in the NBA, major team changes, blockbuster trades and superstars teaming together.

After Russell Westbrook teamed up with James Harden in Houston, there is one story to talk about, being loyal to your team and continuing playing for it.

After Paul George was traded to Clippers to play with Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook also demanded a trade, understanding that time is no longer his friend, and he has to do something if he wants to win a ring. Nothing strange, or new about this, except the fact, that he has played for Oklahoma Thunder for his entire career since he had been drafted in 2008.

Now, there is only one other player in the whole organization, loyal to his team. Drafted in 2009, Stephen Curry remains the only player to play for only one team.

Is there something bad about asking a trade? In my opinion, not. Every player should fight for winning an NBA title, but still, we must appreciate his devotion about the Golden State organization. Through good or bad, Curry is an example and a leader for a team that has dominated the NBA for the last 5-6 years.

What would you appreciate better, being loyal to your team, or doing everything one could do to win a ring.

Nicolae Sorocan

Steph Curry, the last man standing