The duo league

The duo league

I am so excited for the upcoming season. Maybe one of the most interesting and balanced seasons in the recent history of American basketball.

There are many teams in East and West with at least two superstars, ready to fight for what matters most, the supreme ring of champions.

In the East, Milwaukee Bucks has Giannis and Middleton, 76ers has Embiid and Simons, Celtics has Tatum and Walker, Brooklyn Nets has Irving and Durant, or Wall and Beal for Washington Wizards. Nonetheless, I would also watch the young core of the Atlanta Hawks, led by Trae Young, a promising young team, which can play great basketball.

In the West, teams are even more interesting. We have the already well-known Warriors, with Klay and Curry, Houston with Harden, Westbrook, Utah has Conley and Mitchell, and Dallas has the European magic with Doncic and Porzingis.

Los Angeles is the most favored city, where one can watch two super teams and at least 4 superstars, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, for Lakers, and Kawhi Leonard and Paul George for the Clippers.

Moreover, here are some young teams to watch, especially Pelicans and OKC, two teams that have started to rebuild after the Anthony Davis era and Russell Westbrook era. Both teams have good young players to rebuild around, and a lot of good future picks.

Nonetheless, this season ought to be one of the greatest basketball shows in the last years.

My biggest question is, who is the NBA favorite to win the title this year with all these promising teams???

Nicolae Sorocan

The duo league