This NBA finals changed the basketball forever

This NBA finals changed the basketball forever

The NBA Finals. After the magical game 4, where Kawhi Leonard proved once again his work ethic and winning mindset, with 36 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists, Toronto Raptors is leading 3-1 against Golden State Warriors, the current champions.

This win, however, is more than just a game. The game number 4, in Oracle Arena, shaped a page of history, regardless of the outcome of this series.

If Toronto wins the next game or eventually manage to win the precious NBA ring, Toronto will win its first ring in its first appearance in the final. Kawhi will enter in the GOAT discussion, overcome big names like KD or even Kobe, emphasizing the idea that he is the best two-way player. Moreover, he would defeat Golden State without an impressive roster, the next scorer, being a third-year man, Pascal Siakam, the 27th draft of the 1st round in 2016, with an average of 19 points per game in the playoffs.

However, if Curry and company manage to win their third consecutive ring, being down 3-1, they would be the second team to do that, after LeBron James and Cavs did it in 2015, against the same Warriors’ team in the NBA Finals. Also if Curry would manage to lead his team to win the ring, will prove again that he is worthy to be in the GOAT discussion.

Regardless of the outcome, the biggest win will be for us, the fans. We will enjoy a show, a clash of two titans and will witness how a new page of history is written.

Nicolae Sorocan