Top 3 active Euroleague stars that never been in the NBA

Choosing the NBA over Europe is the greatest temptation for the majority of the players who have that chance. But there are some excellent guys that made history in the Euroleague, winning titles and having a great career till now that didn’t even try to go to the USA. For me, their choice is the best one, because I always thought that is better to be a champion in Europe than just another player in the NBA.

If you cannot be a star in the American basketball like Gasol brothers, Doncic, Nowitzki, Parker and a couple of European players than it’s far better to remain and be one here, on the old continent. Not accepting a mediocre bench player position only for more money is from my point of view a matter of dignity. Because money is not everything. At that level, it is the same if you make during your basketball career 20 million or 40 million euros. You can survive this life even with only 20 million. Being an important piece in great teams, winning titles, sharing the glory with good teammates, feeling proud of your achievement are the best things that you can do.

To illustrate this, I selected 3 players that are still active and already had a dominant career in Europe:

Kyle Hines – 4 times Euroleague champion (2 times with Olympiacos, 2 with CSKA Moscow)

Kostas Sloukas – 3 times Euroleague champion (2 times with Olympiacos, 1 with Fenerbahce)

Sergio Lull – 2 times Euroleague champion with Real Madrid.

All these 3 players won multiple domestic leagues, cups and trophies, having solid careers in Europe. They had NBA offers but never went there because they preferred stability than a temporary glory. It was a very good decision and the time confirms that. Each of them can have a chance to win one more time the Euroleague title, ending in an incredible way their amazing basketball journey.

Image: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos