Top 5 most efficient teams in FIBA Europe Cup

FIBA Europe Cup is now suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak and a solution could be a future Final 4 at the end of September because the competition arrived at the semifinals stage. This is a good moment to review the best teams at the index rate this season.

5. The Danish club from Aarhus can be seen as one of the biggest surprises of the competition. But if you look back they had an impressive presence in Fiba Europe Cup as well in the past, when they reached for the first time the semifinals in 2017-2018 season. Their efficiency value this year was 98.6

4. U-Banca Transilvania had a massive campaign starting with the qualifiers round when they blow their opponents and then reaching out from the second stage to the playoffs, where Medi Bayreuth eliminated them. The roster was experienced and high-level, including ex-Euroleague players like Darko Planinic and Donatas Tarolis. The team beneficiated also a lot from the experience of the reputed coach Dusko Vujosevic. Their index rate was 99.6.

3. Here we have the main title contender, Pinar Karsyiaka with an amazing roster, mixing experienced foreigners and Turkish national team level. They have a true leader in coach Ufuk Sarica and one of the highest efficiency per game: 106.1. In the majority of their games, Pinar smashed the opponents by a large margin.

2. Medi Bayreuth was also a nice surprise of the season and probably nobody would expect them to have such a huge index rate, even more than Pinar Karsiyaka: 109.1. Actually, they have the best numbers in this category from the remaining teams in the Fiba Europe Cup.

1. Even if they didn’t reach the semifinals, Ventspils wrote another page of history, since they average by far the biggest efficiency of the entire competition: 114.1 which is the fruit of an organized collective game.  They were a constant presence in the European competitions organized by FIBA and this experience could be seen also this season.

Photo: Fiba Europe Cup

Gratian Cormos