Tyrese Rice has now the MVP title in all the major competitions in Europe

Yesterday, the American guard won the award for the best player of the season in Basketball Champions League. It was a special prize for him because completes a circle of recognition’s marks in the modern era of European basketball.

At only 31 years old, Tyrese Rice can say that he has done everything. After the Euroleague Final 4 MVP reached with Maccabi Tel Aviv in 2014, the Eurocup MVP and the Eurocup Finals MVP both received in 2015 with Khimki Moscow Region, Rice obtained now as well the award from Basketball Champions League, being the only player in the history who received MVP trophies in all the major European basketball competitions.

Tyrese Rice deserved this award more than anyone else. He was the true leader of Brose Bamberg, taking the German powerhouse to the Final 4 in Antwerp with an average of 16.8 points and 4.4 assists in 18 games this season.

Photo credit: championsleague.basketball

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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