U-Banca Transilvania smashed Brescia at Gordic debut

It seems that signing Nemanja Gordic was a good move for the Romanian squad. The experienced guard contributed a lot to the victory even though it was his first game with U-Banca Transilvania. He finished with 13 points, 4 assists and 7 fouls drawn proving that he still has the ability to play good basketball.

Except for him, U-Banca Transilvania had other 5 players in double-digit and this could be the secret of the victory for the Romanians. Collective work, sharing the ball and finding the right man at the right time are the keys that have led the host team to a well-deserved win over Brescia.

The Italian squad impressed with the 3-pointers, having 13 of them scored in the first 23 minutes of the game. Till the end, Brescia finished with an amazing percentage, scoring 15 of 30 from the arc. The only chapter where Germani Brescia suffered a lot was the free throws where they had less than 50%: 7 from 15.  It is incredible that a Eurocup team can score better from the 3-point line than from the free throws.

This lack of precision from the free-throw line, cost Brescia the game because the whole encounter was very tied. The Italians were always ahead in the first half, but then U-Banca Transilvania had a strong 3rd quarter and they maintain the margin till the end.

The concentration in the second half and small details helped the Romanian squad to steal the victory, even if the encounter was all in all very balanced. Patrick Richard had again some clutch three-pointers and I think that the hosts performed better in some key moments of the game. The Romanians scored better from the free throws line and had also a slight advantage in the rebounds chapter. In such a tied game each small detail can have a huge impact.

Razvan Tabrea

Photo credit: Eurocup