Ucam Murcia, embarrassing at Avellino

If you look just the final result, you might say: it seems that Murcia made a good game, they won away, at Avellino with 63-57. But not many of you knows that Avellino played in their shortest rotation ever, without Caleb Green, Matt Costello, Hamady N’dyaie and yet they didn’t replace Norris Cole who left the team signing with Buducnost.

So, the whole roster of the Italian team for this game included just 3 Americans, Ariel Filloy and a couple of young Italian who usually didn’t see many minutes on the court. Another bad luck for Avellino was the injury during the 3rd quarter of Demetris Nichols. Because of this, the rotation of the team became ridiculous, with no option to win. And in this dramatical situation, Murcia didn’t take a huge advantage: they played very bad, scoring just 31 points after the halftime, losing the last quarter, making a lot of stupid shots and turnover.

The Spanish team finished with a very poor percentage from the arc 7/28 (25%) and during the whole game, they had just 2/3 from the free-throw line. Not because of the referees, but because they were not aggressive in the offense. Actually, they didn’t care about the game and almost lost it. In the 4th quarter, Avellino had the chance to come back, but because of the short rotation, the Italian squad didn’t make.

What I really want to say is that Murcia could easily win with 30 points margin but they were too lazy to do so. Instead of great minutes of basketball, they showed one of the worst performance ever in European basketball.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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