Virtus Bologna’s bright move: strengthening with good Italians for the next season

This season was amazing for Virtus Bologna who probably had a good chance to win the Italian league. They were in the first spot of the standings when the championship was cancelled. It looks like a year of great effort and investment wasted due to Coronavirus. But Virtus is looking forward and the club made already some of the best moves on the market. The Eurocup powerhouse is collecting now some of the best young local talents to build their roster for the next season. Two other big men will join Alessandro Pajola, Giampaolo Rici and Filippo Baldi Rossi, strengthening the Italian division of Virtus. It’s about Amedeo Tessitori (2.08 m) and Amar Alibegovic (2.06).

Amedeo Tessitori is coming from Universo Treviso Basket where he played for the last 2 years, having a good season with 8.1 points and 4.6 rebounds per game. Amar Alibegovic had 10.5 points and 7.2 rebounds per game for Virtus Roma. They are young and strong players who will help Virtus Bologna a lot in the paint. Bringing them in was a very good choice especially now, in the current situation, when nobody knows exactly how the future of European basketball will be reshaped.

The teams have to orient themselves to sign homegrown players firstly and then, later, to add some foreigners. Because the local players will be the “golden boys” of the next seasons. The focus on homegrown players in Italy and in entire Europe it’s about to grow significantly because everybody knows they will stay with the team in the case if another wave of Coronavirus will come in the future. Many Americans left and didn’t come back for the season resumption. We can see many cases in Israel, Germany or Spain where the championships are starting again. But the homegrown are easier to maintain in your roster and they are more attached to the community. That’s why signing them has to be a priority for any team in Europe.

Image: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos