Why Unicaja’s loss vs. U-Banca Transilvania is not a surprise?

On the first day, when the odds on the game were placed, Unicaja Malaga was the big favourite to win it with a ridiculous 1.09. U-Banca Transilvania had a huge odd, on some bookies more than 8.00. It was too much and during the next day, Unicaja’s odd started to grow because many people realized that the difference between the two teams was not so big.

Before this game, Unicaja Malaga was looking for a center because they realized that things are not working so well in the paint. The best proof of that could be as well the stats of the game: U-Banca Transilvania had much more total rebounds (39-28) and as well offensive rebounds (16-11).

Unicaja found last week their center in Devin Williams but he didn’t play against U-Banca Transilvania. Another important absence was Tim Abromaitis, while Ruben Guerrero is on the way to go (this was his last game with the team) and he played only 7 minutes. So actually Unicaja Malaga was not in their best moment, with a lot of holes in their roster. On the other side, the Romanian squad has 7 very strong players that can cause problems to any team in the Basketball Champions League, a competition where the level is very tied.

I am sure that after Devin Williams will be integrated into the team and Tim Abromaitis will be back, Unicaja Malaga will look very good. Losing the first game of the group is not a tragedy for them and probably they have eventually the same chances to win the group.

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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