Without 3 important foreigners, Reggio Emilia defeated Fortitudo Bologna


One of the biggest surprises of the Italian Supercup took place yesterday when Reggio Emilia stole the home win against the big favourite Fortitudo Bologna. The visitors were trusted to smash the opponents and this was reflected in their betting odd: 1.06 and a huge handicap 13,5.

At the game time, this odd seem real when everybody realized that Reggio Emilia will play this game without 3 important summer acquisitions. The ex-Eurocup center Frank Elegar, Josh Bostic and Justin Johnson were out for the home side tonight so the game looked like already decided. The only foreigners of Reggio Emilia were: the veteran Janis Blums (38 years old), the little point guard Brandon Taylor (1.75 m) and the Czech Tomas Kyzlink.

On the other side, Fortitudo came with a much stronger and experienced roster managed by the head coach of the Italian national team, Romeo Sachetti. Fortitudo had not only better and more foreigners (Adrian Banks, Ethan Happ, Todd Withers, Tre’Shaun Fletcher), but as well a core of home-grown players that could make the difference any game (Pietro Aradori, Matteo Fantinelli, Stefano Mancinelli, Gherardo Sabatini, Leonardo Tote). Some of them played together during the last years when the team promoted from the second Italian league to the first one, so the chemistry had to be amazing. But in spite of this, the underdog trashed them in the end.

It was only the first round of the Italian Supercup and losing this game is not a disaster for Fortitudo Bologna. There are a total of 8 games to be played in each group and only one team will advance to the Final 4. If they want to have a chance to reach that spot, they have to beat their archrival, Virtus Bologna, by far, the best team of the group. It will be almost impossible if we take into considerations that the difference between their rosters is huge.

Gratian Cormos

Foto: Pallacanestro Reggiana