Your pick is losing, but you’re still making money at live betting

The best example for my theory can be yesterday’s game between Valencia Basket and Panathinaikos. I previously said that the Greek team had a good chance to win. Right! They have it! But nobody, even Rick Pitino, expected such a poor defense of the Greens. The reputed coach told in the short interview before the second half started: ‘I am trying to convince my players that defense wins championships’. 

In the absence of any defense, PAO received a lot of easy baskets, especially from the 3 point line. So, my pick seemed to be wrong –  Valencia proved to be stronger last night. Then, my question is: watching the game, what do you do as a bettor? Let’s suppose you have bet on PAO before the game. Now, during the game and seeing the messy defence of the Greeks, you still stay resigned on the couch hoping for a miracle to save your money or do you take some supplementary actions to limit your losses?

Before the last quarter, the margin was bigger than ever imagined for this encounter. Valencia Basket was winning with 16 points. It was the best moment to take +15.5 or +14.5 handicap on the visitors. And as well another smart option was Panathinaikos to reach first to 10, 15 and 20 points in the last stanza. The probability was better than the odds and the first minutes of the 4th quarter confirm it by far. The Greek squad found the power to come back and tie the game, erasing the 16 points deficit in a couple of minutes! Well, at that moment, another good option was to bet some money on Valencia because their odd raised again at 1.85-1.90. This way you could cover your initial bet on PAO and still have a lot of earnings on the handicap – which was won already!

During the game, at the live time, you have the possibility to adjust your primary options, covering with a contrary bet your initial one and make more money on handicap and races to 10, 15. 20 like in the example above. It’s up to you how you manage the information.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos