5 things for the basketball bettors to focus on during the summer

The next season will be a totally different one for everybody from players, agents, coaches, fans to bettors. The Covid-19 is reshaping the future of European basketball and there will be much more changes than usual and we need to to be prepared for them. I made a list of 5 very important things for the professional bettors on basketball. During the summer they have to focus on:

  1. which teams will dramatically cut their budgets because of the economic crisis knocking on their door. I see already the seeds of the economic fall for a couple of traditional clubs in Europe.
  2. the rich clubs that will maintain almost intact their economic empire and this will be huge, considering the special context and the lack of money for the majority of the basketball organizations. To give you an example: Zenit Sankt Petersburg big budget from this season will be HUGE next season, even if they will have exactly the same amount of money, just because many teams will have to cut some expenses.
  3. the transition of the clubs from a European competition to another one: from Eurocup to BasketballCL, from FIBA Europe Cup to BasketballCL, from BasketballCL to Eurocup etc. Each move will mean something because the clubs are changing European competitions in order to find the relevant place for them on the “whole map” according to their budget, roster and expectations.
  4. which reputed coaches are switching teams and why: the best example is Meo Sachetti who left Vanoli Cremona for Fortitudo Bologna right now. Vanoli Cremona won’t have the same importance in the next season, while Fortitudo will be a powerhouse in Italy and Champions League.
  5. the “frustrated” teams: organizations that invested a lot of money this season and didn’t reach the goals because of the Coronavirus outbreak that generated the cancellation of the season. These teams are hungry for trophies and they will try to catch it next season. Examples: Virtus Bologna, Partizan, Pinar Karsiyaka and so on.

Image by Дмитрий Бирюков from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos