Is Nick Calathes a good addition for FC Barcelona?

In the past season, I criticized Nick Calathes because his percentages from the 3 point line and at the free-throws were simply awful. I couldn’t accept that a guard would shoot so bad. At that moment, Nick Calathes was THE WORST SHOOTER from the free-throw line having only 41%. From the arc, he had around 25%. But I have to recognize that the Greek has improved his stats this season: he has now almost 60% from the free-throw line and 28% from the arc, which may be acceptable.

Even without a good hand, Nick Calathes was on the 6th spot in the Euroleague at the index rate this season, with an average of 17.79 per game. At this chapter of efficiency, he is in front of many other guards like Facundo Campazzo, Scottie Willbekin, Nando de Colo, Kostas Sloukas and Vasilije Micic. His index rate is helped by his assists number, where Calathes is the best in the entire competition with 9.1 per game. He is a good defender too, averaging almost 5 rebounds per game, being a top 10 player at steals as well.  I think maybe the biggest advantage of Calathes is that he is a tall guard (1.96 m) so he can switch in defense against almost any player and in the offense he can come easily for the lay-up not being afraid of the blocks.

If we take a look at all his characteristics, Calathes could be a very good deal for FC Barcelona, especially if he will train more to improve his shooting skills, if he won’t force 15 shots per game and if he will deliver a lot of passes to his teammates, which was making his entire career with Panathinaikos in an excellent way.

What Barca needs now is exactly a guard with experience, devoted to the game, a good defender and passer like him. If he will do this, he will fit perfectly in the Catalan team, that has already very good shooters like Higgins, Mirotic, Huertel and so on. They don’t need another shooter but a smart and tough guy to boost the offense finding those good handed teammates and give them the ball in the right moment.

Image: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos