50 shades of NBA London Games

I was yesterday at the NBA game between Wizards and Knicks at O2 Arena in London are here are some thoughts about the event. Many British people came to the game because it was a big show in London but they didn’t actually love basketball. The best proof for that is they have left the game earlier maybe to catch some soap opera at home with their families.

The confrontation of the teams became more spectacular in the last quarter when Wizards cut the deficit, tie the game and eventually won it. But exactly in these palpitating moments of the game, with 6 minutes remaining, many people left the arena. Even worse, I saw people leaving in the last 3 minutes when every shot was crucial and the basketball lovers enjoy it the most.

The British came as for a ballet or ice skating event, they saw most of the game and then went quickly to catch the first metro to arrive home earlier. So dumb! They lost the best part of the battle!

The organization of the game was good but revealed once again that O2 Arena is not prepared for basketball. The scoreboard looked like “a code”, not like a normal basketball one, because the owners of the arena don’t have money to buy a real scoreboard where you can see the name of the players and the entire stats, not just some numbers on a board.

50 shades of NBA London Games and instead of it they have an old-fashioned version, who visually looks like in a train station from 200 years ago.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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