A possible solution to play the Euroleague’s Final 4

There are many debates in the European basketball right now under the Coronavirus’ pressure and some leagues already declared the season ended. Some of them giving the title to the best team so far, like in Lithuania where Zalgiris is without a doubt the most impressive squads by all points of view. Other leagues are finished but without a trophy winner.

The Euroleague is still waiting because there are plenty of money and major interests involved. The players don’t have to go anywhere because most of them will continue with the same clubs also the next seasons. So, everybody is waiting for a solution, including the EL board headed by Jordi Bertomeu. Definitely, they are hoping to continue the season when it will be possible. There are only 6 rounds remaining from the regular season, plus the playoffs and then, at the end of May, the so awaited Final4 in the German City of Koln.

One of the solutions is coming from Ergin Ataman, the head coach of Anadolu Efes, who wants to postpone everything for May with the Final phase in June, hoping that till May the Coronavirus will be erased. I understand him and his ambition because now Anadolu Efes has an historical season, being the leader of the standings in the Euroleague. The Turkish club invested some money, they have a wonderfull roster and after the final lost last year in front of CSKA Moscow, they want the second chance.

We have to see what the future will bring and if this terrible disease can be stopped till the end of the next month. Even so, after that travelling will be restricted a certain period of time. Maybe, then in May the best solution is to bring all the clubs in one safe place and to put them play in the same arena the remaining 6 rounds, the playoffs and then for the Final 4 they to find another solution. Maybe Koln will be fine at the end of May or later, in June

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos