An easy solution for the ACB league with 20 teams

The idea of increasing the Spanish basketball league to 20 teams is very good: more games for the fans, more money, a better way to promote this beautiful sports in every corner of the country. But, please, gentlemen don’t be scared about the number of games that will be played in this new format. Actually there are only 4 more games per season. Now the teams are playing 34 games in the regular season, then will be 38 games. Plus the playoffs, of course, because this is basketball, a sportive discipline WITH PLAYOFFS. If not, it would be called football

Now some of the organizers of the ACB league are so afraid about the idea of 4 more games that they don’t know how to manage it. It’s simple. You can make 4 double-round weeks at the problem it’s solved. I will give you here the best example. Let’s take a Euroleague team like FC Barcelona. Let’s imagine they are playing Thursday at Armani Milan in the Euroleague, then Saturday evening at home against  Joventut Badalona, Monday at Manresa and the next Thursday at home vs. CSKA Moscow, again in the Euroleague. 8 days with 4 games. But not every week, just 4 times in a year, quite fair!

The idea is to create the easiest 4 double-round weeks in the domestic league, taking into account the travel possibilities and connections. Let’s suppose that you are Baskonia and you travel to play at Iberostar Tenerife on Saturday, then you stay in the Canarian area and you play Monday against Gran Canaria. The same, when Gran Canaria is coming to the Basque country they will face Saturday Baskonia and Monday –  Bilbao Basket.

In the NBA they play much more games in the regular season and that’s all. You have to find a solution and this is the best. The Spanish regular-season starts in October till the end of May. So during 8 months, you have only 4 double-round weeks. One round like this every 2 months. Piece of cake!

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos