Bad management: Fiat Torino

This is a new column on Brainbasketball dedicated to the teams that have money and ambitions, but no results.

We will review together a couple of facts that put Fiat Torino in this category of the teams with bad management:

  1. they lost all 10 games in the Eurocup, in a group with some weak opponents like Mornar Bar, Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt or Lietuvos Rytas
  2. they hired and fired a lot of American players, rolling till now 10 foreigners with poor results
  3. Torino had as well good Italians, so the roster was one of the most complete.
  4. In theory, the Italian team had an amazing Larry Brown as the coach, but he was too old and with health problems. He travelled to the USA to had some surgeries and came back. He was NOT in the mood to be the coach due to his age and health.
  5. Torino lost already this season 19 games and won just 4 in Eurocup and Legabasket together
  6. they fired now also Carlos Delfino due to the conflict he had with the managers after the game lost to Avellino

Some things have to change for Torino, they are at the bottom of the Italian championship and they spent money like a Euroleague participant. The source of the poor results has to be cut and a new attitude has to come. QUICKLY!

Graian Cormos,

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