Found on Instagram: Mike James lost a tooth

Look on this page Euroleague Followers on Instagram and please watch the last video they uploaded. “The one and only” Mike James is speaking with the referee after a rebound in the home game of Olimpia Milano vs. Avellino.

And then something is falling from James mouth: bread, chewing gum, a tooth or a false tooth. He stopped to take the missing thing from the floor and he lost the control of the ball. The referee didn’t notice and didn’t stop the game, and because of this a Avellino’s player made the steal. But what is even worse, the referee didn’t notice the travelling of Avellino’s player after stealing the ball from Mike James.

You can see clearly how the Italian player is “rolling on ice” on the floor almost 2 meters with the ball and then he passed it to his teammates. How is this possible? Two easy points, allowed by James’ tooth, by referee negligence, by rolling on the ice of Avellino player, by referee blindness again!!!

Gratian Cormos,

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