Betting tips came true: Buyukcekmece won against Ormanspor

Yesterday morning on my Telegram channel  I gave the advice of betting on Buyukcekmece against Ormanspor and now I want to explain to you all why I have chosen this bet:

  • this was the last game of the tournament organized by Buyukcekmece. In the first game against Besiktas, the host team underestimated the young opponents and rested Karvel Anderson their main scorer. He wasn’t injured but Buyukcekmece decided to not introduce him on the court. Besiktas came into the game with freshness and won the battle by 5 points. Next day, Ormanspor beat Besiktas by 5 points and Buyukcekmece had a rest. Now all that Buyukcekmece needed to win their tournament was to beat Ormanspor with 6 points. And guess what was the final score? 85-79 for Buyukcekmece that won their tournament!!!
  • the odd was excellent between 1.90-2.00 on Buyukcekmece, who was the host of the entire tournament. All 3 teams that participated had almost the same level. at the moment. Maybe later when Stanton Kidd will be back from injury, Ormanspor will be better.
  • As I said Buyukcekmece had a day of rest and it was the time for their star Karvel Anderson to explode for 26 points and 7 assists. They started with energy the game, having a 15 points advantage after the 1st quarter.
  • If Buyukcekmece would have won this game, everybody should be happy, the tournament would have ended with each team having 1 victory and 1 loss. But if Buyukcekmece would have lost against Ormanspor, they would have placed on the last spot at their own tournament which would have been ridiculous.
  • It is so rare that a club organizes a friendly cup and lose all their games. Normally, they invite at least a team they will beat for sure. Losing to Besiktas, “forced” Buyukcekmece to try to do anything possible to beat Ormanspor in order to avoid the last place of the tournament.

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Gratian Cormos