Betting tips: Croatia – Hungary

Betting tips: Croatia - HungaryThe last spots for European qualifiers to World Cup are ready to be taken. One of the worst team by now is surprisingly Croatia. With or without their NBA stars they played like trash, being now in danger to be eliminated from the race.

I pick Croatia to win by at least 4 points because:

  1. I don’t think that this ex-Yugoslavian country can repeat the disaster of being humiliated by Hungary as they were by weak teams like Romania or Netherlands.
  2. Hungary is a bit better than Romania but still a poor country at the national team level. They can count now just on 4 quality players: David Vojvoda, Rosco Allen, Darrin Govens and Zoltan Pearl. The rest of the roster is made by some mediocre players from their national championship.
  3. The majority of the players that I mentioned above are point guards, so Hungary has almost no big men to face Tomislav Zubcic, Miro Bilan, Hrvoje Peric and Luka Babic who will be extremely hard to defend

If Croatia doesn’t beat Hungary, they better go to play in the European championship for small countries, where they will have a chance against Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Gibraltar.

Ovidiu Farcaş,

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